The Transformations Stories The Transformations Stories


“Connections Through Stories”

What connects us all as humans is that – at the end of the day – we are all just people. People with pasts, with lives, with challenges, with values, with hopes. We all have a story to tell. The stories we share allow us to put voice to our thoughts and feelings. They help us describe the things we have seen and done, the moments that matter, the things that have shaped us… and the things that have defined us.

It is our stories that carry our traditions, our culture and our memories forward. They enable us to remember our pasts and they help future generations understand. Stories help us make sense of things, to learn, and to grow. They attach us to each other by bridging gaps and connecting cultures.

See the Stories and Testimonials shared by our past participants below.



“This Transformations program was and is awesome. I would highly recommend it to the Nisga’a Nation and government workers. It has given me knowledge to be open and honest with people and most important MYSELF. Learned not to listen to negative tapes. I cried a few times listening to peoples stories. I am a loving, hardworking man. I’m really happy and glad I came here. Met some new friends. Met two family members who live in Burns Lake. Thomas Morris is an awesome man. Thank you Phillis and Pauline. I love you guys for that”.


“What I have learned in this program is to be able to forgive and not be jealous. I was in denial to attend this program, thinking why take it when I have taken similar programs. I was worried to death to leave my mom and my babies thinking the worst of something bad would happen to them. I am grateful and happy to be able to take this program with my family, friends and my fiancé. To be able to let go “again” of garbage I don’t need to hold me down”.


“The program has helped me in so many ways. I used to be a negative person that thought less of myself every day, constantly putting myself and others down. This Transformations program has helped me a lot. I see things differently now and have hope this has benefited me for the near future to just follow my dreams and think positive. I learned to forgive”.


“What I learned out of this program was to let go of the past and create a new future. What I learned I will use in the future to help a fellow human being and also just make my future a brighter place for me and my small family. I would strongly recommend this workshop for our Nisga’a Nation and our village.  Thomas Morris is an awesome facilitator/host”.


“I’ve learned that I’m a loveable caring and trustful man. And I’ve learned that the past is blank and there’s nothing to hold onto my past for. And I learned that jealousy would not get me no where but to make my wife hurt more and leave me for another man. So I learned to trust, care and have pride for who I am and I am a changed man feeling happier, more free and outgoing”.


“What I’ve learned at this Transformations program is you cannot transform or heal what you do not acknowledge. So learning to acknowledge different things that happen in your life will help you heal and learn how to be more loving, caring, more respectful to others.  I learned about forgiveness which is very important in my life. There is a lot more but I wrote the important point which I needed in my life”.


“This workshop was an awesome experience. It woke up feelings that I haven’t felt in years and it helped me put them in the past. It showed me how to have passion in my life again. I’m going to start my life with a clean page. The workshop honestly was the best experience of my life. I would recommend the workshop for the community of Laxgaltsap, better yet the whole Nisga’a Nation would benefit from this awesome workshop. Thank you Tom Morris”.

{ ROSE }

“This transformed me from hate to love. I was sick. Now I’m healthy. I have a voice to tell people how I feel. I’m not drowning anymore. It changed my way of thinking. All the sick I had is all gone. I am healed from ugliness to goodness. I love you guys. Thank you”.


“Oh Transformations really opened up my eyes to a whole new world and really let my heart open up to myself and let me know that I’m a compassionate woman with love, care and trust in myself and others. I would love to bring my own family to Transformations. Thank you so much”.

{ DEAN }

“This program helped me realize that I am my own man. It gave me freedom from the past by forgiving and loving everyone in my life. My family has grown considerably since this program started. We started as strangers and finished as a family. This program is more in depth with forgiveness than another program I took”.


All I can say is Transformation saved me from the brink of death. After my dear dad passed away in 2012 I became an alcoholic. I just fought hard to get to where I am today. I love the coaches who supported me and gave me hope. Love is all around you. You have to want to help yourself. I’ve been sober for 8 months now and don’t miss the hangovers. I try to stay positive and don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep it simple. Stay surrounded by good friends and family. Love the one you’re with. 💖 🙏✊


Before Transformations, I had fallen so deep down inside that I didn’t know how to feel about anything, I faked a smile, pretending that I was happy all the more I was broken from all the hurt & pain that’s been done to me, trying to use alcohol to sooth the pain but it just made things worse. After Transformations I felt ALIVE, i could breath in a healthier way, no heavy weight on my chest 😃. I felt amazing, fantastic & full of joy. I am a loving Joyful Woman!

Transformations is not a lecture or a seminar.
It is an experience… and an opportunity like no other.

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