The Transformations Journey The Transformations Journey


Transformations is a four-day personal development retreat designed to address the health and wellness needs of First Nations communities across Canada. First Nations needs are at the centre of every decision, every detail and every journey.

The process begins with a safe place to be open and honest.

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Any First Nations person or persons 18-80 looking for a life worth living.
The only requirement for participation is a willingness to be open and honest.


> The groups that attend the Transformations Process are all First Nations so there is comfort in doing this journey together.

> We help empower people and communities by giving you tools and effective strategies to improve health, wellness and productivity.

> We address addictions and align lives with timeless life-living skills.

> We help identify education and development opportunities.

>We help to overcome the past and the restrictions that may have placed on your ability to live fully. This includes challenges created by attendance at residential schools along with the impact it has had on the family unit.

> We align each participants life with timeless life management principles.

> We assist in creating an accountable culture where life transformation is not only possible but sustainable.

> You will learn about motivation: what creates it, what stops it and what steals it from people.

> You will learn to love yourself and create close personal relationships with others.

> You will learn about and experience forgiveness.

> Hopelessness is replaced with power. Fear and apathy are replaced with love of self and others. Addictions are replaced with freedom. Anger is replaced with joy.

Transformations is not a lecture or a seminar.
It is an experience… and an opportunity like no other.

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