We are Transformations. We are Transformations.


Transformations is a deep personal development process that works solely with First Nations in First Nations’ communities. We empower people and communities by providing tools and effective strategies to improve health, wellness and productivity.

We believe it is not only is it important – but it is imperative – to honour the traditions of the First Nations peoples. We work with elders, and wherever possible, include an elder in our opening introductions and ask for their blessing. And the journey you will take will be rooted in First Nations history where acknowledgment of the past is key in healing. We all have a story to tell. Our stories help us make sense of things, they help us to learn and they help us to grow.


We are Effective
To work with First Nations’ Communities to transform these into healthy empowered communities.
We do what we say we’re going to do: we transform lives. Hearts are healed.

We are Confident
We are open and honest when we say the process works.
Hearts are healed.

We are Passionate
We are passionate in helping others to help themselves.

We are Compassionate
We provide tools that work, that are life transforming and life-lasting.

We believe in Possibilities
There is hope for the future. And each one of us holds the key.


Thomas Morris has a unique gift and background that enables him to connect with people on a deep, meaningful level.

The Transformations Team all comes with stories of woundedness and have worked hard to overcome these and grow.

Read Tom’s stories and his words of wisdom in Tom’s Notes.

Thomas Morris
Transformations Team Lead

Thomas brings 25 years of team development and personal growth experience. Thomas’s background in addiction recovery and leadership development along with facilitating group therapy has prepared him for his role with the retreats. He facilitates year-round with wide a variety of clients from executive teams to high-performance athletic teams and health care professionals.

Thomas’s approach is one where play, experience, safety and insight converge to create breakthroughs personal, in relationships and ultimately within community.

Carmen Morris
Transformations Facilitator

Carmen brings warmth and passion to the team. Her warm spirit and kind heart wins over the hardest of hearts. Carmen has over twenty years of experience listening to people and giving guidance and grace to those who need it.

Bill & Megan Darling
Transformations Facilitators

Bill and Megan are passionate about helping couples and individuals transform and heal their lives. They have been involved in teaching marriage courses and retreats for over 10 years. Working as part of the Transformations Team has allowed them to fulfill their purpose of giving back to Canadian communities and helping individuals who want more for their lives.

Their motto is “If better is possible, is good good enough?”. Bill and Megan have been married for over 30 years.

Wendy Henders
Transformations Facilitator

Wendy, a retired labor and delivery nurse, is a dedicated compassionate leader with a heart for First Nations communities. With many years of personal development, she is committed and honoured to be part of the solution for reconciliation and transformation of lives.

“I WALK. Walking brings me on a contemplative journey to my heart.” The program’s “Wendy Walks” first thing every morning sets the tone for the day.

Overcoming the past and the restrictions it may have placed on your ability to live fully is key to moving forward in your life. This includes challenges created by attendance at residential schools and the impact it has had on the family unit. Healing the hurt of the past is not only possible but it is essential in seeing the future and the opportunities it presents.


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